Royals in Action



Explore how you can begin serving at RIA Global Church

Each week at RIA Global Church people just like you give their time to serve. Whether it’s helping kids learn about Jesus on their level at Royal Lilies (Kidz), welcoming first-time guests and attenders, volunteering in the office during the week, or serving in one of the areas of the Worship Arts Team, every volunteer is making a difference.

Online Welcome Team

RIA Global Church Welcome team creates an exceptional guest experience by greeting guests each week to RIA Global Church online. To serve on the Welcome Team, all you have to do is arrive a few minutes before the online service you’d like to attend, welcome people through the online chat window, and help answer any questions they might have.

It’s a really significant and valuable way to create a welcoming digital presence and help people grow in their spiritual faith by taking next steps. We will have a quick meeting and go over all you need to know. It’s fun, it’s easy and you will meet some great people. Serving guests of our church is the best way to see life-change first hand!

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Online Prayer Team

You can make a difference. Explore how you can serve as part of RIA Global Church’s Online Prayer Team. Each Sunday at 10:30am via Zoom, (join by computer or phone), people just like you come together  to pray for our services that day, for our church, city, nation and world and for individual prayer requests from the church.

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Helping Hands Team

Welcome to the “Helping Hands Team” – a compassionate and supportive community within RIA Global Church. We stand as a bridge between those seeking assistance and those eager to extend their helping hands. Our online church, RIA Global Church, is rooted in the belief that embodying the Love of God practically is essential. In these times, we recognize a unique opportunity to sow seeds of hope into our online community, nurturing connections that uplift and inspire.


Whether you’re someone in need of support or someone with a heart ready to lend a hand, here you’ll find a safe and caring space. Together, we manifest God’s love through tangible acts of kindness, embodying the very essence of our church’s mission. Join us in this collective endeavor as we build bonds and bring forth positivity within our digital sanctuary.