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Have you encountered “the transforming fire”?

Have you encountered “the transforming fire”?

Simon Peter’s transformation is amazing. He was so weak that despite his boasting to the contrary, he swore against Christ. He was shamed by a little girl and forced to take his place among the enemies of Christ. After he was baptized with fire, you could see Peter differently as though he was set ablaze!

He stood boldly in front of the same rabble who had crucified Jesus and looked into their faces unafraid. (Acts 236). Peter, the weak, became Peter, who is the rock. Saul, the savage, was transformed into Paul the missionary.

All the disciples became firebrands for God, and they were transformed from being ordinary people. Their faith and zeal ignited a firestorm that spread across Asia Minor, Europe, the world, and beyond.

Today, the world still feels the powerful influence and impact of these dedicated men who were willing to sacrifice themselves to the “Divine Flame.” You can buy a bar of raw steel for as little as a few dollars.

It is worth thousands of dollars when the steel bar has been heated and forged. The value was enhanced by the skillful hands of master artisans and fire.

The sun performs thousands of miracles per day through its heat and light, just as God performs a thousand miracles each day in the spiritual realm through the refinement fire of His Spirit.

His regenerating power is always at work in the world. He takes the ashes from burned-out lives and transforms them into dynamic channels that are dedicated to the salvation of others.

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