Royals in Action

What We Believe

RIA Global Church believes that...

…Everyone has a unique gift, ability, or experience to share which can benefit others
…Jesus Christ is God’s one and only Son.
…The Bible is an infallible guide for living life, providing answers to questions concerning work, family, relationships, and anything else.
…Staying pertinent to today’s culture while adhering to the enduring lessons of Jesus Christ is essential. 
…God’s love for us is unconditional and we are continuously invited to follow Him.
…True life change can only be achieved when we follow Jesus

RIA Global Church is a place...

…To experience love, acceptance, and hope.
…To nurture your spiritual and relational growth through meaningful worship experiences and life-changing connections
…To ask challenging questions and get honest answers
…To be yourself and find peace in a safe and welcoming environment.
…To meet new friends and build authentic relationships based on shared values and trust.
…To make a positive difference in your community and the world through service to others