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Let your Light Shine before Men!

Let your Light Shine before Men!

We are shining like a torchlight. It is our job to shine! It may appear like a tiny candle in a dark world, but it is our responsibility to make it shine. It dispels darkness and attracts people who are in darkness to it.

We are sounding the alarm. The sound of our tiny trumpet might seem lost amid the noise and chaos of battle. However, we must continue to sound the alarm to all those in danger. We are lighting a fire. Our little fire may seem insignificant in this world of hate and selfishness, but we must keep the flames burning. We strike with a hammer.

Although the strikes may only seem to jar our hands, we must keep hammering. Amy Carmichael, an Indian stonecutter, once asked which blow broke the stone. He replied “The first one and then the last.” There is bread for all people. Although people may be too busy eating other things, we must continue to give the Bread of Life to all men.

We have water for the famishing. We have to keep standing and shouting, “Ho, all who thirst, come ye into the waters!” (Isaiah 55:1). Sometimes they won’t come, and sometimes we have to carry the burden. We must never give up. Never give up! Keep speaking the Word. Jesus said that many seeds would find good soil, grow and bear fruit. Be faithful witnesses. According to the Bible, “He who wins souls is wise” (Proverbs 11:1). ”

And those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the firmament and those that turn many to righteousness forever and ever” (Daniel 12, 3). “Ye are salt of the earth,” (Matthew 5, 13). Salt makes you thirsty. Do you want to make others thirst for water? We urge you to put out your flame but to place it on a lampstand to guide those in darkness.

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