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Why you should Live the abundant life!

Why you should Live the abundant life!

Only those who are truly saved by Jesus Christ will understand the meaning and benefits of abundant living. The Bible says that worldliness is a force or spirit that exists in opposition to and in contradiction with all that is Christian and godly. It seeks to achieve selfish pleasure, material success, or the pride of living.

It is ambitious and self-centered. God is not always denied. He is just ignored. Christ referred three times to Satan as the prince ruler of this world. John 14:30 says, “The princes of this world cometh and hath not in me.” In John 16:11, he said again, “The prince of this world hath been and remaineth judged.”.” John 12:31 He stated, “Now shall you cast out the prince of the world.” This means that the Bible clearly states that the world’s inhabitants either live under the influence of this world and its deception, cunning, and spell, or they are under the control of Christ and the Spirit of God.

There is no neutral ground. The Bible is the one that draws these lines. Paul wrote to Ephesians, “Wherein you walked according to this world’s course, according to the prince of the power, the spirit which now works in the disobedient children.” . . . Even though we were in grave sin, God has been able to raise us with Christ (2:2, 5). The word “course” or “flow” is used to refer to the current or flow. There is an undertow or subtle current which runs contrary to God’s will.

Its whirlpools have deep and dangerous consequences. They are stirred by Satan and designed to trap and ensnare people who will walk godly in Christ Jesus. Satan has every weapon at his disposal to harass, tempt, thwart, or hurt the people of God. His relentless attack is unstoppable. Paul wrote that “We don’t fight against flesh or blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers in darkness, against spiritual wickedness at high places,” (Ephesians 6,12).

But the Christian isn’t left defenseless in such a conflict. God has the power to grant us victory over Satan. Paul wrote, “We are greater than conquerors through the one who loved us” (Romans 8, 37). John wrote, “Yet, little children, you are of God and have overcome them: for greater is he which is in your, than he which is in the whole world” (1 John 4:14).

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