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How to show your love to others?

How to show your love to others?

Popular music is full of love stories, but divorce rates are on the rise, child abuse is common, and our world has been shaken by violence, terrorism, and wars. Major news magazines cover “The ‘Me Generation” in their covers.

This generation seems to prefer a fight for a prize than a prizefight. The song “Rescue the Perishing and Care for the Dying”, which was originally recorded in 1963, has been removed from many of our songbooks. Its theme has also disappeared from our hearts, excluding victims of physical famine, oppressive regimes, and tidal waves. These are vital.

The Gospel is the only way to save the spiritually perilous. My American friend, Jim was in India several years ago. He said there was a terrible tsunami that swept fifty miles of the coast and destroyed scores of villages and towns. Indian officials graciously offered a helicopter to him and his partners and were among the first to see the destruction.

It was like a thousand atomic bombs went off simultaneously. He said he will never forget such terrible destruction and the horrible smell of death. Why was this? Because I believe there is so much suffering around the world that the media can’t cover it all.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “I feel sorry for him who can’t feel whip when it’s laid on the other man’s back.”

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