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You are not a citizen of this world!

You are not a citizen of this world!

Of course, the Christian must live in this world. He must enter this world with a purpose: to win the world. He does not have to be a part of the wickedness of the world. Even in a monastery, we can’t escape the world, the flesh, or the devil.

If we don’t live in the world and show the power of Jesus Christ in our lives, then it is impossible to influence the world. We citizens must vote and take part in politics. Participation in civic activities is expected. We must also be faithful and loyal to the church.

We are not to compromise with the flesh, the world, or the devil. We are not to be complicit in the sins of this world. A Christian must learn to say no to certain things, whether it is in politics, the shop, the office, or in the neighborhood.

He must show that he is a citizen in another country, often suffering persecution and misunderstanding.

The casual Christian is often unable to have an impact on others, as I have seen. It is the Christian who stands firm in his convictions, honesty, integrity, morality, and service to Christ that is most effective. Because he fears the disapproval of the world, the worldly

Christian will accept any dishonest or unethical practices. Only by living a life that is obedient to the Spirit and by living in constant fellowship with Christ, can we live a godly lifestyle and make a difference in this world.

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