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Is it even possible to abide in the Lord?

Is it even possible to abide in the Lord?

Is it even possible to abide in the Lord?

Personal salvation is not just a chance to meet with the Supreme Being. It is a real dwelling with God. Christianity is more than a vocation. It is a lifetime-long, eternal vocation.

David was thrilled to know that his life was in God. He wrote in Psalms 91:1, “He who dwelleth at the secret place of God Most High shall abide in the shadow of Almighty.” This beautiful Psalm will show that God is our permanent residence and dwelling and that we can find all the love, comfort, and security that the human heart desires in Him. Security is a fundamental need of modern psychiatrists.

This Psalm assures us that God is our greatest security: “There will be no evil against you, nor shall any plague touch thy dwelling.” He will give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways” (Psalms 91:10-11).

Two Christian missionaries from China were suffering severe persecution many years ago. As they were about to retire, one night they heard voices outside their home. The blinds were opened to discover their home surrounded by belligerent men, who wanted to end the couple’s mission.

Realizing God was their only refuge and their only hope, the missionary wife and husband prayed for all those who would harm them and reminded them that God would be there until the end.

They noticed the crowd dispersing and heard the excited murmurings of the mob. They thanked God for their prayers and then retired. A native Christian from the Philippines approached them and asked for an audience. He asked, “Do you know the reason why the mob didn’t kill you last night?”

The missionary replied, “Our God answered prayer.” The native man replied, “Yes,” “Yes,” said the native man. “When you fell to your knees last night four angel-like creatures in white robes appeared and stood at every corner of your home. The mob fled in terror, and Christians stood by helpless in the crowd to see that God had once again intervened. Praise God!

Randolf Kusi Achina

Founding/Teaching Pastor

Randolf has served at Royals in Action Global Church since 2021. His calling is to be a preacher of grace and a shepherd of souls. He is committed to practical teaching and application of God’s Word that empowers people to live with joy, purpose, and hope in a broken world. 

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