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In a troubling situation? His angels are with you!

In a troubling situation? His angels are with you!

The Scriptures are filled with dramatic evidence about the protection provided by angels while they serve the people of God on earth. Paul exhorted Christians (Ephesians 6.10-12) to take on the full armor of God and stand firm against the evil forces.

Our struggle isn’t against flesh and blood (physical forces), but against the supernatural (superhumans) forces of wickedness within the heavenly areas. Satan, prince of power and air, promotes a fake faith, but not true religion. Thus, the power of light and darkness are in conflict.

God bless the angelic forces who fight the dark works. Angels are not selfish in their service; they do so for God’s glory and strengthen believers.

Acts 12;5-11 is a classic example of the protective agency of angels. Peter was being executed while he lay in jail. James, brother of John had been killed and it was unlikely that Peter would escape the executioner’s claws.

To show favor to those who were against the Gospel and His works, the magistrates planned to execute him. While the believers surely had prayed for James’s release, God had given his blessing through death. Now the church was praying about Peter.

Peter was lying asleep when an angel appeared.Iron bars and doors are examples of such things. Peter was shaken awake as the angel entered the prison cell.

Peter’s prison cell was illuminated by the light. Peter took off his chains and dressed himself to follow the angel. Doors were opened by an angel because Peter was unable to pass through locked doors.

God did a great deliverance through His angel and will do it again! Praise God!

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