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What “praying right” can do!

What “praying right” can do!

What “praying right” can do!

We should desire God’s will. Even our Lord, against his will, said, “O My Father, if it may not pass from me except I drink the cup, thy will is done” (Matthew26:42).

Prayer is a way to connect with God’s true purposes and His will for us.
world. It does not only bring the blessings of God’s will into our lives, but it also allows us to be in tune with God’s plan.

It is such a privilege to be able to pray! Revive your heart and offer your prayers to God. The Bible says that the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man makes a difference. (James 5-16).

We are to be faithful in times of adversity and never cease to pray. We are to pray when there is prosperity so that we don’t become proud and boastful. We are not to pray in times of danger because we can become afraid and doubtful.

We should pray in times when we feel secure so that our self-sufficiency is not compromised. Sinners, pray to a merciful God to be forgiven! Christians ask for God’s grace to be shown upon a world that is evil, willful, and not repentant.

Parents, ask God for grace and mercy in your home. Children, pray to God for your parents’ salvation.

Christian, a saint of God, prays for the fall of the dew of Heaven that righteousness may overshadow the sea as the waters cover the oceans, on earth’s dry and thirsty ground.

Keep this promise in mind as you pray and believe: “Whatever things ye desire, whenever ye pray for them, believe that ye will receive them.” They will have them” (Mark 11.24).

“Satan trembles whenever he sees a weak saint upon his knees”–so pray, Christian, pray!

Randolf Kusi Achina

Founding/Teaching Pastor

Randolf has served at Royals in Action Global Church since 2021. His calling is to be a preacher of grace and a shepherd of souls. He is committed to practical teaching and application of God’s Word that empowers people to live with joy, purpose, and hope in a broken world. 

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