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You can rule like the Early Church Christians!

You can rule like the Early Church Christians!

The book of Acts reveals that the Holy Spirit filled the early church. They had no church buildings, no Bible, no automobiles, no planes, no trains, no television, and of course, no radio!

They turned the world upside-down for Christ. They started a spiritual revolution that shook the Roman Empire’s foundations. They were young, vibrant, virile, and powerful.

They lived daily for Christ and their faith. Their faith in Christ brought them joy, even though they were subject to persecution. Their success was possible despite opposition and death. Their hunger and thirst for righteousness were a clear indication of their success.

They were a source of inspiration to all who came into contact with them. Their lives were full of love and beauty. Because of this, certain false religions and philosophies are becoming so popular in today’s world.

It is because people who were supposed to live Christian lives have failed. We have not met the requirements and standards set by Jesus. We must be willing and able to accept all other things as “nothing but refuse” if we are to live for Christ (Philippians 3:18).

Just as followers of some false religions, we must be dedicated, committed, and willing to sacrifice everything. As they look at the turmoil within and between religious bodies, the great majority of the unbelievers are confused.

Instead of a vibrant, growing, powerful, Christ-centered church, we see divisions, greed, jealousy, and spiritual laziness, while the world is on the verge of disaster.

Christians need to be able to commit to Christ daily and wholeheartedly. This is the greatest need in Christendom.

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