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What does being “Spirit-filled” mean?

What does being “Spirit-filled” mean?

It’s not necessarily an emotional experience. It won’t necessarily lead to a clear or open-ended spiritual experience. To be filled is to be controlled or guided by the Spirit.

It is to give Christ all we have and to allow Him to control us. The Spirit lives within us as we approach Christ. The Spirit is our guide as we grow in Christ. The Spirit should be the focus of our lives.

You said, “I am powerless” to produce such fruit. It would be completely impossible for us to do this! It is impossible to produce this fruit by ourselves. Remember the Bible’s statement that “The fruit the Spirit produces is love, joy, and peace, long-suffering,” (Galatians 5, 22-23).

When the Spirit is in us, He will bring forth the fruit. We only have to cultivate the soil within our hearts with sincere dedication and yieldedness for God to provide the conditions He needs to produce the fruit He desires.

A fruit tree might grow in my backyard, but if it isn’t fertilized and the insects are removed carefully, it will not bear a full crop. Christians have the Spirit God in them.

We have the responsibility to make sure that sin is not a part of our lives for the Spirit to produce His fruit.

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