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Will we Receive Mansions in Heaven?

Will we Receive Mansions in Heaven?

Will we Receive Mansions in Heaven?

Heaven is a permanent place. A sad fact about the homes that people build for themselves is their inability to last. Houses do not last forever. The house is only an outer shell. It’s the same for the family. How fast the children grow up, and how quickly they leave home.

Our homes are temporary, even though they mean so much to us. Sometimes people find it hard to believe that their adult children have grown up and are now independent.

Their house that used to ring with the laughter of children has now gone. The early church people who had to give up their homes, lands, and loved ones for Christ’s sake knew very little about home life or home joys.

It was as though Jesus had spoken to them and said, “We don’t have a permanent home here on earth. But my Father’s house is where we will be forever together.”

It was high time to realize that this world is not our home. It’s a temporary home. Let’s not forget about our home with Him!

Randolf Kusi Achina

Founding/Teaching Pastor

Randolf has served at Royals in Action Global Church since 2021. His calling is to be a preacher of grace and a shepherd of souls. He is committed to practical teaching and application of God’s Word that empowers people to live with joy, purpose, and hope in a broken world. 

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