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The ways of the Holy Spirit

The ways of the Holy Spirit

The ways of the Holy Spirit

Christ’s presence was only felt by a few men during His time on earth. Christ now dwells in the hearts of all who have accepted Him as Savior through the Spirit. Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “Know ye thou not that ye have been made the temple of God and that the Spirit is dwelling in you?” (1 Corinthians 3:16).

Every believer is granted the Holy Spirit, not for a short time but forever. If He were to leave us, we’d be in serious trouble. Walter Knight recounts the story of a young boy who received Christ recently.

Jim asked, “Daddy, how do I believe in God when I haven’t seen Him?” His father, an electrician, replied, “I’ll show how.” Jim later went with his father to see the gyrators. “This is where we get the power to heat our stove and give us light. The father said that although we cannot see the power, it is there in the machine and the power lines. Jim said, “I believe that electricity is possible.”

His father said, “Of course, you believe in electricity,” but he didn’t only believe it. It is because he saw it. You can also believe in the Holy Spirit if you see His work in people’s lives.

He will give you the special power to serve Christ. He is there for you in times of temptation. He is here to give you the supernatural fruit of God, such as love, joy, peace, and long-suffering.

He will help you navigate the many difficult roads you’ll have to travel as a Christian.


Questions for Day 1 Membership Class

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1. What is the impact of giving, according to the provided information?

2 / 30

2. What is the purpose of the Kingdom Commander (KC) in a small group?

3 / 30

3. What is the significance of the eagle's vibrant colors in the logo?

4 / 30

4. Who is Randolf Achina?

5 / 30

5. What is the central belief about salvation?

6 / 30

6. What is the church's stance on salvation through good works?

7 / 30

7. According to the church's beliefs, who has eternally existed in three persons?

8 / 30

8. What principle guides the church's approach to stewardship and giving?

9 / 30

9. According to Royals in Action's beliefs, what is the role of the Holy Spirit?

10 / 30

10. What biblical principle underlies the concept of stewardship?

11 / 30

11. Which core value emphasizes becoming more like Jesus?

12 / 30

12. What led to the emergence of the idea of an online church in 2021?

13 / 30

13. Which core value emphasizes adapting to reach more while staying true to the gospel?

14 / 30

14. How does Royals in Action view Jesus Christ in relation to the Father?

15 / 30

15. What is the significance of water baptism?

16 / 30

16. What role do fellowships and small groups play in the church?

17 / 30

17. How does the eagle flying from the open Bible symbolize the church's commitment?

18 / 30

18. What does the name "Royals in Action" reflect?

19 / 30

19. What inspired the idea of establishing an online church in 2021?

20 / 30

20. What do the vibrant colors of the eagle in the logo represent?

21 / 30

21. How does the church emphasize its commitment to living out its royal heritage?

22 / 30

22. In which year did the founder and pastor move to Mexico?

23 / 30

23. What is the church's vision?

24 / 30

24. What does the eagle in the logo represent?

25 / 30

25. What is the church's mission?

26 / 30

26. How does Royals in Action define its core value of "Fostering Growth"?

27 / 30

27. How many members typically make up a Kingdom Family small group?

28 / 30

28. According to the beliefs mentioned, who is the Creator and Ruler of the universe?

29 / 30

29. What does the eagle with a golden crown represent in the logo?

30 / 30

30. What role does the Holy Spirit play according to Royals in Action's beliefs?


Randolf Kusi Achina

Founding/Teaching Pastor

Randolf has served at Royals in Action Global Church since 2021. His calling is to be a preacher of grace and a shepherd of souls. He is committed to practical teaching and application of God’s Word that empowers people to live with joy, purpose, and hope in a broken world. 

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