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charles dogbe

director of social media

Charles Dogbe

Charles was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in a Christian home. He gave his heart to Christ at a young age, but reaffirmed his faith in college. Charles graduated from Penn State University and spent 2 years as a director of Social Media at Luma Pictures. After lots of prayer, Charles felt called to make a career change and use his communications and management skills to serve as director of media at RIA Global Church. Charles is single and is still searching.

  What Charles likes: Nature, the mountains, hiking, finding secluded places in nature where he can get in deep prayer with the Lord, skiing, snowmobiling, the beach, weather, pizza, chocolate cake, and spending time with friends!

  What Charles could do without: Traffic, humidity, negativity, and biscuits!

Qualification:He feels passionate about the power of media and how it can be used to further God’s kingdom.